Marketing & Brand

We are the Marketing and Brand Department. We are essential for growing revenue, increasing market share and contributing to Wimdu’s profitability in general. Our international team work in diverse channels including SEM (Search Engine Marketing), CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Affiliates and Content & Translations. Through our combined effort and dedication, the close-knit team ensures that the overall marketing strategy is successful.

We also define the brand strategy and try to win our customers’ hearts and minds in all we do. To further fuel company growth, we always aim to work in the most profitable way possible. This means generating maximum reach and impact with our target group via all offline media channels – especially TV, outdoor advertising, PR and social media – in the most creative and cost efficient way. Brand strategy and implementation externally and across the company is at the core of all we do. We are already 2014 in the Horizont Top 20 advertisers in Germany and are active in many countries around the world, with ongoing further expansion.

Lennart Schirmer

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Wimdu is still quite a young company and it is incredibly exciting to work on the marketing activities and to shape the brand. We believe in the combination of creative ideas and data-driven decisions as well as the benefits of working together on cross-functional projects. There is opportunity everywhere and you will have a lot of freedom to take ownership and drive Wimdu forward!


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