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In the Wimdu IT, we build and maintain the ship’s engine to deliver value for the business. We are proud of our agile engineering culture. We believe in practices like cross-functional teams, pair programming, test-driven development, pull requests and peer reviews. We deploy several times a day. Our biggest technical challenge is to transform one of Europe’s biggest Rails applications into a modern, decoupled microservices architecture. If this sounds like a cool thing to work on, come and join us!

Our Product Team believe there is nothing better than talking to customers in order to truly understand their problems and to define what product solutions we can devise. We live to be lean and prefer to release early and often, testing hypothesis with every iteration. We have individual product teams who are autonomous and generate their own opportunities and roadmap. At the same time, we are a close knit team who like to have fun, hang out, be creative and enjoy everything the wonderful city of Berlin has to offer.

Juha Ristolainen
Juha Ristolainen

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

At Wimdu we have an agile product & IT organization with a flat hierarchy. Our teams are self-organizing and empowered to work toward a common vision for the product. We value proactive craftsmen and women who take pride in their work and value best practices and a continuous delivery focused-engineering culture.

We are in a transition period from a legacy RoR-codebase to a modern cloud-native one. We have a lot of challenges to offer for ambitious developers, QAs, designers and DevOps-people who want to work with microservices, containerization (Docker) and orchestration (Kubernetes) for our main services and serverless (AWS Lambda) for event-driven services. We are planning our API-strategy with REST and/or GraphQL. If you want to be a part of building the next generation of Wimdu’s Progressive Web Apps with React or cross-platform mobile apps with modern technologies and tools with a bunch of awesome people, please get in touch.

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